Musik Meister says welcome

You have found us. The brand new European site of our Galactic musical collective. We are still updating. Slowly, yes, very slowly, you will be able to find, listen to, download and now even comment on all of our musical pieces here.

We don’t want your Dominion

Hello there. Our early fans might remind us as being true fans of our lord Jesus. Just take this song as an example.

However, this doesn’t actually mean we like religion at all. In fact, we really really loathe it. Now of course and again, that doesn’t mean we loathe all religious people such as yourself maybe but as far as your religion goes, we say “We don’t want it!”

Three new masterpieces!

In 2012 we continue to inspire humans to take their pants off, so they can improve the galaxy. We’re bringing you three new songs to enable universal happiness:
– “Rock n roll hooker” is a rock & roll tribute song about three generations of rock & roll mommies.
– “Everybody without pants” is our Dutch Eurovision Song Festival submission. Unfortunately were not selected. We will be avenged!
– “Sahnkartoffeln” is a Neue Deutsche Welle attempt dealing with heavy themes such as loneliness, cream potatoes and desperation.